SQMAS is independently audited by a third party inspection body Tarian Inspection services. Tarian Inspection Services will carry out your Inspection in a friendly, down-to-earth and highly practical way, ensuring that you have a robust Quality Management System that gives your organisation credibility, good management and cost savings.

Tarian Inspection services specialise in working with Small Businesses and are sympathetic to their needs and requirements.

The audit it not intimidating but rewarding with many clients appreciating the way it challenges them as a business.

More information on the SQMAS inspection body can be found on the Seren Scheme web site.

Alliance Design Services

We are constantly completing pre-qualification questionnaires which have sections asking about our quality procedures. Having investigated the ISO 9001 the rigidness and cost always weighed against our company pursuing this accreditation.

While at a meeting for our main client we viewed a report on how they scored their prospective suppliers on each contract and one portion which stood out was quality system. We realised at this point it was a must that we gained accreditation but explained to Bam that the ISO 9001 was too onerous for our size of company and they put forward an alternative that would satisfy them which was SQMAS.

We contacted SQMAS and investigated the procedure for implementation and cost and found these to be acceptable, so we engaged SQMAS.

The process was simple, working with our existing systems and adding to these, this process did not add greatly to our costs, we employed SQMAS to carry out additional consultancy work to ensure we were on track and this again made getting everyone on board easier and costs were minimal.

SQMAS has made a significant difference to our business. The implemented record checks have ensured compliance at all times, records have been centralised giving simple access to all who need to see them. The quality recording and monitoring have highlighted reoccurring issues and how in the past we have not been aware of this.

It has enabled us to have confidence in answering the pre- qualification questionnaires and that we have an independent audited quality system which to our clients is very important.

I understand that from the audit the level SQMAS works at is very similar to ISO 9001 and if we needed at any stage to gain this accreditation it would only require a minimum number of changes to comply and obtain, which I believe is high praise to the standard SQMAS sets at a more realistic cost to ourselves.

We have and will continue to recommend companies to take up this quality standard to improve their business. It makes compliance simple.

G C Williams
Gary Williams Director

Alliance Design Services website.

J Randall Roofing

"Thank goodness for SQMAS!"

As a small Company we did not have the time and resources to complete all the paperwork that was required for an ISO 9001 Management System. After discussions with the Directors we had decided as a Company that we did not want to use a system that we could not manage without hiring a consultant to do the work for us. What would we be learning?

We were invited to a business event that was held for smaller companies to encourage a Business Management system and there we learnt that we already had a system in place, but it was not documented, so our journey began….

I was introduced to Toni at SQMAS, and, at last, found a system that would grow with our Company, with our requirements and I could complete documents and gain knowledge on managing efficiently and productively. I could also introduce new systems to other members of staff.

After 2 years and our Company growing from strength to strength, we have a Management System that works and stays up to date with a four audit check throughout the year and “Keeps everyone on their toes”

If you are looking for a system for your business whilst keeping yourself involved and have a small budget as your Company is growing, look no further.

SQMAS we would like to thank you very much for your continued support

J Randall Roofing website.


Back in 2015 we were faced with many prospective clients requesting an ISO accreditation for Quality Management. Having undertaken research into this process it was found to be extremely expensive and well beyond our reach financially as we are a small family led business.

I was then provided with an opportunity to undertake a Business Wales course named QMS Easy and it was while taking this course that the whole concept of a Quality Management System became far less complicated than I had originally imagined.

Following this I was introduced to Toni Bailey and SQMAS and with the fantastic assistance received we achieved our SQMAS accreditation in January 2016.

The understanding of a QMS became clear with all documents being provided in a generic format ready for us to adapt to where we were and also where we needed to be and, with site visits from Toni, the process, although intense, was not found arduous or frightening.

SQMAS has stood up against ISO in a tender process and we have not been pressured into gaining a further accreditation of this nature by any prospective clients. It is a logical process to implement and follow and does make business requisites, that may not have been thought about, become prevalent.

We have continued to have exemplary support from Toni and have maintained our accreditation.

If you want to be able to stand up against national competitors or just have a simple more structured approach to your business and its future contact SQMAS today. It really is a QMS made easy.

Barbara Richards, Company Secretary, PreventaPest Limited

Preventapest website.

Pebble Engineering

Whist coming from a ‘Big Business’ ISO background we are most impressed with the way SQMAS is better suited to the SME as it helps question and challenge your day to day business decisions and actions more.

In Pebble's case, SQMAS is certainly not a ‘tick the box’ exercise, but has added genuine business improvements to our new and expanding company. We will continue to recommend SQMAS to anyone considering starting a QMS or even switching from their current accreditation body.

Huw Howell, Director Pebble Engineering.

Pebble Engineering website.

Anglesey Builders Ltd

Thank you Toni Bailey, you and your team made the process pleasant, manageable and very rewarding. We would recommend to all SMEs considering the SQMAS accreditation.

Gethin E Williams, Contracts Director, Anglesey Builders, Ltd.

Anglesey Builders Ltd website.

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