SQMAS is helping small businesses to compete in the marketplace by offering a suitable, more cost-effective alternative Quality Management System (QMS) to the International Standard ISO 9001 to help satisfy procurement and customer requirements.

SQMAS is based on the same key principles of ISO 9001 but is designed to address these issues in 6 simple steps. SQMAS can also be used to obtain ISO 9001 in the future should this become a requirement.

The SQMAS Standard is easy to follow with no jargon and easy to follow stages.

The main requirements of SQMAS is to improve business processes, reduce business risks and monitor performance to enhance customer satisfaction and to ensure the future sustainability of the business. This is monitored through the unique ‘monitoring and corrective action checklist’ ©

SQMAS is assisting larger organisations to enhance quality performance in the supply chain. SQMAS is being used to satisfy supply chain initiatives and has been successful in assisting Main Contractors to address quality performance with their tier one suppliers.

Why was SQMAS developed?

SQMAS was developed to help small and micro business as an alternative to ISO 9001.

Organisations are being increasingly requested to demonstrate that they work to a Quality Management System (QMS) when tendering or completing supplier questionnaires.

SQMAS originated as a result of a recognised gap in the market for SMEs to be able to demonstrate that they are working to a QMS without having to go through the costly process of implementing ISO 9001.

Many SMEs struggled to compete with larger organisations when it came to resourcing the QMS and maintaining the expensive certification and implementation fees. SQMAS is helping to provide a more even playing field for small, local, independent businesses to procure services by having the quality credentials without it hitting the bottom line. SQMAS is also based on a programme of continual improvement and therefore drives business efficiency, helping organisations to be more competitive in the marketplace and save money.

Many companies struggle to find an effective way of managing their quality performance. SQMAS provides the tools to address this in an easy to understand and practical approach. The monitoring checklist ensures that the system is being effectively maintained and there is very little requirement for documentation. There is a lot of jargon spoken with ISO 9001 - SQMAS helps to keep things simple and relevant.

SQMAS is all about the SME and has been designed with this in mind to keep it minimal and uncomplicated. The Standard is easy to understand and follow and the templates are straight forward and is therefore time and cost effective. Companies should not be getting themselves so lost in the system that it starts to become ineffective.

With only six mandatory documents to manage all the business risks SQMAS is serving as a valuable business management tool for business sustainability and growth.

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