Helping Your Business Adjust during COVID-19

Helping Your Business Adjust during COVID-19

We are facing very challenging times ahead as we all return to what is being termed the ‘new normal’. We have to adapt to lifestyle changes as well as adapting our business and the way in which we carry out our business operations.

In order to ensure that your business is ready to deal with these challenges, remains competitive and continues to deliver a safe and quality product and or service, SQMAS (Supplier Quality Management Audit Scheme) can assist you and even help you to innovate your business products and services.

A summary of how SQMAS works is shown in the process below. It starts with reviewing your business operations and identifying your business risks. SQMAS was successful in achieving an innovation award last year and is also currently amending and reviewing its services to ensure that it can best assist businesses during this time. More remote working is being requested, and SQMAS can be delivered remotely to help you develop your business management systems.

Fig 1 SQMAS process

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  1. Identify your business risks using a business quality review and risk and opportunities register
  2. Develop relevant quality processes using the process flow identification
  3. Monitor and audit the processes and business operations through monitoring and internal audit using the Monitoring and Corrective Action Checklist. Review progress through a documented management review
  4. Innovate and improve by identifying new ways of working and new products and services using the objectives template
  5. Take action to improve and review business processes and risks.

All templates are provided as part of the SQMAS sign-up fee and SQMAS can be independently inspected to provide you with a certificate of accreditation. This will provide credibility making sure you are ready to meet tender and procurement requirements. More information can be found at

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