‘Building back Better’ how SQMAS can help

‘Building back Better’ how SQMAS can help

The response to Covid-19 has affected all of our lives, both as individuals and in business. We have all had to adjust to a new way of living and working. The impacts from the Coronavirus pandemic are not going to disappear in the foreseeable future and, therefore, we are going to have to adapt in all areas of our lives to change attitudes and to adjust to the ‘new normal’.

Exactly how this is going to impact on us is not entirely certain, however, what is known is that we have to act now to adapt to changes to ensure safe work / life practices and to ensure that we remain competitive and can still deliver a quality product and / or service to our clients and customers.

This also offers a time for new beginnings, a review of what we did in the past to what we can do in the future. It is a very appropriate time for new opportunities and innovation. We should now take the opportunity to review all our business processes and look at how we can adapt and, indeed, improve our working environment, culture and delivery of products and services.

We need to keep abreast of new developments and guidance and learn from our competitors and leading business professionals. Never has there been a better time to work with each other to provide solutions to the challenges we face. We can start to offer real solutions and innovative new products and services which can be used, in turn, to improve working practices.

Whilst this is an evolving period there are several actions that you need to take now to ensure that you are adopting new practices, ensuring your own safety, the safety of others and being legally compliant. (E.g. all businesses must develop a Covid-19 risk assessment for their business). The government has provided guidance for different industry sectors which can be downloaded from the website www.gov.uk/workingsafely.

SQMAS can help you to adapt to these changing situations and the SQMAS documents will assist you to address your own business requirements and implement the changes to adopt new ways of working and new opportunities. Any assistance to develop documents can be provided remotely. SQMAS are also offering templates to assist businesses to comply with new work arrangements. If you would like to find out more, please, get in touch at enquiries@sqmas.com or for more information visit www.sqmas.com.

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